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Alpha: big and bold; mega-volume, fluffy, wispy, and full. Great for a night out or if you’re looking to make a statement. Doll-eye in shape, this style’s longest length is in the center, perfect for lifting and opening up your eye look to be brighter and bolder. Girls that know, know, and if you don’t, don’t worry sis, we can’t ALL be alphas 😉



100% Handmade Luxury Mink Strip Lashes

Life expectancy: 15+ wears with proper maintenance* 

EyeCandy boxes are 100% Recyclable! Please recycle or repurpose your EyeCandy box when your lashes reach their life expectancy!

*Maintenance includes glue removal after every wear & proper cleansing with an oil free/alcohol free cleanser. We recommend micellar water. See @EyeCandyEmpire on TikTok for step-by-step maintenance instructions to make your lashes last as long as possible!

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