All about EYECANDY

Hey girl! :)

I'm Emily, the founder and owner of EyeCandy: Luxury Strip Lashes! I am a Licensed Eyelash Extension Specialist that ironically does not prefer her lashes to be done... So I created EyeCandy for those like me, who love the look and practicality of eyelash extensions, but for various reasons prefer strip lashes instead: whether it be allergies, anxiety, itchy eyes, auto-immune eye conditions, sensitivity to lash extension glue & products, busy schedules preventing time for long appointments, or the lash extension industry's luxurious pricing, my goal was to create a line of strip lashes that mimic and replicate the work I do in my studio but have the convenience of every day strip lashes. I've carefully selected my vendors to create a product that not only look like extensions, but also are hand-made to last for 15+ wears with proper maintenance. I've also sourced my packaging to be recyclable, and even if you don't want to throw the box away, you can repurpose the box in many creative ways like jewelry storage or a travel size container for all your little just-girly things! Thank you for visiting my store, take a look around, and don't forget to check out my rewards program!